Lungtropolis – Where Kids with Asthma Learn to Play

ORCAS and the American Lung Association (ALA) released Lungtropolis at the 2011 American Public Health Association 139th Annual Meeting & Exposition in Washington D.C..Lungtropolis is an innovative asthma education program for children ages five to ten. Developed with a grant from National Institutes of Health,  Lungtropolis is designed to increase adherence to asthma treatment plans and reduce emergency room and outpatient visits.

Asthma is the leading reason kids go to the emergency room and the third leading cause of hospitalization among children under the age of 15. “Children with asthma can prevent an attack, and a trip to the emergency room, if they know their triggers and how to use their medications properly,” says Susan Schroeder, Principal Investigator.

Through game mechanics and state of the art animations Lungtropolis helps kids know what to do during an asthma episode and teaches them about their triggers and symptoms. “When kids have fun, they’re more likely to remember what they’ve learned,” says Schroeder. The program also includes a companion site for parents giving them the tools and information they need to help manage and treat their child’s asthma. The site includes tips for working with medical providers to develop an asthma action plan.

Results from a randomized controlled trial with 300 children showed those who used the program had significantly better asthma control tests, learned more, and were more confident in self-managing their asthma.

ORCAS is currently seeking sponsors to help make this unique asthma education program available to as many children and parents as possible. If interested in sponsorship or licensing opportunities, or viewing a demo of Lungtropolis, please contact:

Molly Billow
Product Manger
541-342-7227 (x4845)


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