ORCAS Releases Behavioral Skills Training Program for Professional Caregivers

Working with long-term care residents who have dementia or other mental disorders is challenging. It can also be dangerous. If care workers are not trained to handle behaviors such as aggression, confusion, manipulation and depression, job stress is higher and there is increased risk of injury. For a care facility, lack of training, leads to poor morale, high staff turnover, decreased quality of care, and increased liability.

ORCAS developed the Caring Skills Training Program, an online behavior skills program, to teach professional caregivers how to respond safely and effectively to challenging resident behaviors.

Funded with grants from the National Institutes of Health, the Caring Skills Training Program provides strategies for handling aggressive resident behaviors, dementia-related behaviors, and challenges associated with mental disorders like depression, anxiety, and others.

The complete training catalog is available online and contains 39 lessons, each about 20 minutes in length. Fourteen training hours in total include content developed by nationally recognized subject matter experts and research scientists.

Clinically Evaluated, Evidence Based.

Clinical evaluations of the Caring Skills Program, conducted with nursing assistants and licensed health professionals, showed significant positive effects, including a decrease in assaults after training to prevent and manage aggressive resident behaviors. View Publications.

Ordering Information

If you have additional questions about the Caring Skills Training Program or are interested in purchasing a group license please contact:

Bess Day, Senior Account Manager

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