ORCAS Releases Asthma Game Lungtropolis®

With April marking National Asthma Awareness Month, ORCAS is pleased to announce the launch of Lungtropolis®—Where Kids with Asthma Learn to Play, an interactive web-based learning game to help children ages 5-10 control their asthma. The site also incorporates a resource for parents featuring comprehensive tips on caring for a child with asthma.

Asthma is one of the most common chronic disorders in children and can be life threatening without proper management. It is the third most common reason children are hospitalized, but knowing what to do when an attack occurs can significantly reduce the chances. It’s no wonder that organizations of all sizes are looking for effective solutions to manage this costly condition.

About Lungtropolis®

Developed by ORCAS in collaboration with the American Lung Association, Lungtropolis® is a powerful, inexpensive tool for giving parents and children the information and guidance they need to manage asthma.

In the Lungtropolis® Kids game, children become “Asthma Control Agents” under the tutelage of Dr. Alvi Olé as they fight to defeat the Mucus Mob. As part of the game, players watch videos and answer questions to help them learn about asthma and how to manage it.

Lungtropolis® Parents is a companion site that offers caregivers comprehensive information and resources to understand and help manage a child’s asthma, such as advice on using asthma medicines and what to do in an emergency, as well as tips on how to talk to their medical provider—and their child—about managing asthma.

“Asthma is a serious lung disease that should not be overlooked or underestimated—especially when it comes to our children,” said Charles D. Connor, president and CEO of the American Lung Association. “Our collaboration with ORCAS has resulted in a fun and engaging approach for parents to effectively teach their children how to take control of their asthma while at the same time enhancing their own knowledge of asthma.”

Proven Effectiveness

In 2012 ORCAS completed a randomized control trial funded by the National Heart Lung & Blood Institute, to test the efficacy of Lungtropolis® with 311 parent-child pairs. Forty-five days after use of the web program, children in the treatment group showed significant gains in knowledge of asthma management and parents felt more confident in managing their child’s asthma.

“We’re very pleased our relationship with the American Lung Association has evolved from a research partner to a business partner to bring this innovative and much needed product to the market,” said Michael Mulvihill, CEO of ORCAS.

Visit the Lungtropolis® website at: http://www.lungtropolis.com

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