ORCAS Developing Leading Wellness Technology Products Based on Rich Research Heritage

Company Advancing Mobile Health and Web-Based Programs to Help Support, Manage Depression.

ORCAS, a health innovation company that combines science and technology to create self-management products that improve well-being, has developed and tested several web-based programs and mobile health applications aimed at helping people manage and prevent depression, and in turn, improve both physical and emotional well-being.

“We cannot expect to change behaviors that prevent us from effectively managing our physical health without also addressing our emotional health,” said Michael Mulvihill, ORCAS president and chief executive officer. “We are studying depression from many different angles, and ORCAS is serious about helping people improve their emotional well-being. That is why we are developing technology-based depression programs that make it easy for them to do that.”

ORCAS continues to make strides in the development of their web-based programs and mobile health applications, which are backed by more than 20 years of research and designed and updated to meet the ever-changing needs of people with chronic health conditions including depression.

MoodHacker is a mobile health application for adults with depression, designed to help users boost their moods and increase their productivity levels. MoodHacker, currently in beta version, is available for smartphone, tablet and desktop tools.

• Caregiver Support is a low-cost and effective way to help family caregivers adopt skills to reduce depression symptoms and prevent escalation to clinical depression. During a recent randomized trial, Caregiver Support showed significant improvements in participants’ depression levels.

• ORCAS’ Home Depression Program offers help for parents of teens with depression. Although data analysis on this program is still in process, a pilot test performed showed favorable results.

• A Depression Relapse Prevention Program was designed for adults at risk for depression relapse. Randomized trial results revealed significant changes in participants’ depression levels and a decrease in negative thoughts.

For more information about these and the other well-being programs being developed and studied by ORCAS call (541) 349-4807, or email info@orcasinc.com.

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