ORCAS Launches Evidence-based Mobile Self-Management Intervention for Depression

MoodHacker Features Mood and Activity Trackers, Personalized Recommendations, and Inspiring Videos, all connected to a Powerful Analytics Engine.

EUGENE, OR  – ORCAS, a health innovation and technology company, builds and studies mobile self-management interventions for the B2B market that impact emotional and physical health. This week marks the product launch of MoodHacker, a fully personalized mobile intervention for depression. The mobile enabled website, designed for EAP/Behavioral Health, Wellness and Disease Management companies seeking mobile health strategies to improve well-being, helps workers who suffer from stress, anxiety and depression to not only boost their moods, but boost their workplace productivity levels as well.

“What makes MoodHacker different from typical mood tracking apps is our scientifically-proven intervention approach,” explained Amy Birney, Behavioral Scientist at ORCAS. “A powerful data analytics engine is connected to MoodHacker to document real-world outcomes and quantify our value to our customers. We are excited about the personalization and engagement features of MoodHacker and plan next to build a coach hub so users can get the extra support they need, all by mobilizing and integrating the coach and counseling networks of our customers.”

Based in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and positive psychology, MoodHacker makes it easy for users to identify their own patterns that prevent depression symptoms. MoodHacker encourages self-management through a practical, real-life, and holistic intervention approach. Healthy habits that encourage physical activity, sleep, nutrition, and social support are woven into the user experience. An analytics engine running behind the scenes and questionnaires integrated throughout the user experience, drive personalized messaging and complement existing coach and counseling services offered by the healthcare organizations who adopt MoodHacker as a mobile health strategy.

“ROI and health outcomes for wellness and disease management are compromised by emotional health issues. Depression and anxiety can be linked to almost every chronic condition and when comorbid, both conditions are worse.” said Michael Mulvihill, CEO and President at ORCAS. “Our customers are seeking entry into the mobile health market to find efficient ways to provide more engaging and scalable solutions to improve health of members and contain costs.”

ORCAS is currently analyzing results of a randomized controlled trial that measures for change in depressive symptoms as well as productivity, absenteeism and presenteeism at work. Results will be available October, 2013. Early analysis shows medium-to-large effects after 6 weeks with reduced depression symptoms and increases in behavioral activation and knowledge.

For more information about MoodHacker and how to integrate this mobile health strategy into your business objectives, call (541) 349-4807, email info(at)orcasinc.com or visit http://www.orcasinc.com/products/moodhacker.


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