ORCAS Launches Evidence-based Mobile Self-Management Intervention for Hypertension

BlipHub Features Healthy Habits Discovery, Personalized Recommendations, Inspiring Videos, And Device Synchronization Driven By A Proprietary Habit Forming Engine All Connected To A Powerful Analytics Platform.

EUGENE, OR – ORCAS, a health innovation and technology company, builds and studies mobile self-management interventions for the B2B market that impact emotional and physical health. This week marks the product launch of BlipHub, a fully personalized mobile intervention for hypertension.

BlipHub is driven by ORCAS’s proprietary habit-forming engine (HFE). The HFE turns scientifically proven behavioral theory into condition-specific mobile interventions for high prevalence chronic conditions, like hypertension, that contribute to escalating employer health care costs.

“Behavior change really comes down to daily habits, and all of our daily habits add up to bigger behaviors that impact our health,” explained Theresa Mulvihill, Chief Operations Officer and Director of Product Development at ORCAS. “We started by gathering all the most relevant scientific research in behavior change to create the framework of the habit forming engine so it could be easily applied to any condition. Additionally, we’ll soon be integrating a coach/counselor hub into our mobile interventions which will be an entirely new shared feature where counselors or health coaches can support their clients, meet new ones, and participate in their clients’ in-app experience.”

BlipHub makes it easy for users to choose small, easily managed habits to begin moving toward bigger and better healthy behaviors. BlipHub encourages self-management through a practical, real-life, and holistic intervention approach. Healthy habits that encourage physical activity, sleep, nutrition, and social support are woven into the user experience. An analytics engine running behind the scenes and questionnaires integrated throughout the user experience, drive personalized messaging and complement existing coach and counseling services offered by the healthcare organizations that adopt BlipHub as a mobile health strategy.

ORCAS is currently conducting a 3-arm randomized controlled trial (app only group, app + telephonic health coaching group, and control group) that measures for change in blood pressure and other health factors as well as productivity, absenteeism and presenteeism at work with 450 employed adults.


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