Chestnut Global Partners to Offer MoodHacker in Corporate Wellness and Employee Assistance Programs

Chestnut Global Partners (, a provider of culturally-aware, outcomes-based employee assistance and wellness programs to companies worldwide, today announced a partnership with ORCAS, Inc., a company that applies behavioral research to mobile self management interventions that help people manage their health and change their behavior in meaningful ways. Chestnut Global Partners (CGP) will make MoodHacker, a mobile, scientifically validated intervention program developed by ORCAS, available to its clients, beginning with a Fortune 100 manufacturing company that is using it with a cross section of its employees.

Accessed via any mobile device, MoodHacker helps employees track, understand, and improve their mood, and reduce depression symptoms. MoodHacker encourages self-management through a practical, real-life, and holistic intervention approach, weaving healthy habits (encouraging physical activity, sleep, nutrition) and social support into the user experience. Personalized messaging, based in CBT, Positive Psychology and Self Determination Theory, guides users on a proven intervention pathway.

“While the market teems with mobile biometric apps that promote and track physical activity, MoodHacker gives users a tool to monitor and improve their mental well-being, making it a perfect complement to our one-on-one anxiety and depression counseling,” said Pamela Kouri, CGP’s Health and Wellness Director. “We look forward to working with ORCAS as both organizations share a scientific, outcomes-based approach to behavioral health and well-being.”

“Preclinical and clinical depression taken together represent a costly and significant problem in the workplace. A positive and proactive approach just makes sense, said Michael Mulvihill, CEO of ORCAS. “MoodHacker is the only mobile intervention that takes a proven, scientifically validated approach to mood management. We’re excited to be working with CGP, who share a commitment to providing innovative solutions to their customers.

ORCAS has scientifically validated MoodHacker’s effectiveness in a randomized controlled trial that showed significant effects for activating new positive behaviors and reducing depression symptoms. It also found the more the program was used, the better the results and was shown to be especially effective with individuals having access to EAP services.

About Chestnut Global Partners

 Chestnut Global Partners (CGP) is a behavioral health organization based in Bloomington, IL that offers a full range of culturally aware employee assistance and related workplace services. CGP combines EAP with wellness, disability, high risk maternity, employees safety and compliance management programs, designed to promote employee well-being, improve performance and reduce absenteeism. .

Chestnut Global Partners serves companies in over 130 countries. Chestnut Global Partners’ Division of Commercial Science develops and deploys scientific assessment technologies, outcome measures, and analytical methodologies so that EAPs, wellness companies, disease management entities and purchasers the world over can determine the effects and/or worth of their programs. For more, visit


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