ORCAS Announces Positive Results from Study of FitBack Mobile App for Back Pain Management and Prevention

ORCAS today announced the results of its study of FitBack, a mobile/web-based intervention that helps users develop a self-tailored management plan, track pain levels and follow proven pain-management strategies. Users of the FitBack mobile app receive messages in videos and in-app text based on job activity type: sitters, standers, drivers and lifters. Wireless integration with FitBit to record activity and content-rich weekly emails drive both app engagement and self-care behavior activation.

ORCAS conducted a 3-group randomized controlled trial with 597 employed adults. Participants were recruited through four employers (trucking, manufacturing, technology and a corporate headquarters), to account for the most common job-related activities, from sedentary office work to long-haul trucking to jobs requiring lifting. The study found that the FitBack intervention improved reported pain, functionality and quality of life. It also increased understanding and confidence of pain prevention.Iterative upgrades of FitBack will include the addition of engagement-enhancing daily SMS/push notifications, increased personalization, and one-click access to ORCAS’s digital health coaching platform, CoachHub.

“Back pain is among the leading causes of work-related disability and one of the biggest reasons people visit a doctor, ” said ORCAS CEO, Michael Mulvihill. “As with our other mobile interventions (MoodHacker, BlipHub, etc.), FitBack addresses both the physical and emotional health issues that often co-exist — from depression to stress to back pain. The study also showed the value of giving users the ability to personalize FitBack to the daily rhythms and demands of their work and life.

For the full FitBack study results, visit: http://www.jmir.org/2015/1/e1/

Click here for more information on FitBack.


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