ORCAS and IHPM Join Forces to Develop and Distribute Mobile Wellness Products to Reduce Chronic Risk Factors and Improve Functional Health and Productivity

ORCAS and the Institute for Health Productivity Management (IHPM), a global non-profit enterprise that builds evidence-based business cases for improving health to produce gains in workplace productivity around the world, today announced an alliance to develop and distribute scientifically validated self-management interventions to promote sustainable individual behavior change that reduces chronic risk factors and improves functional health and performance.

The alliance will leverage ORCAS’s expertise in developing mobile technology based on behavioral research and validated scientific theory, utilizing its proprietary habit-forming engine (HFE), a user-driven system that activates small daily habits that lead to larger target behaviors that “move the needle” on specific health conditions. ORCAS products, including MoodHacker, Love Every Day, BlipHub, and FitBack all focus on building physical and emotional resilience and can be integrated with CoachHub, a mobile coaching platform for one-click access to real-time support.

“ORCAS will effectively serve as an R&D arm for IHPM, tailoring mobile interventions to different working populations and in different cultures to assure an intuitive and engaging experience for all users,” said Sean Sullivan, President and CEO of the Institute. “IHPM has formed this alliance because ORCAS develops its products on the basis of clinical-trial-caliber research, which aligns perfectly with the Institute’s own foundation of peer-reviewed research for its tools and programs.” Under the terms of the alliance agreement, ORCAS products will be made available to IHPM’s worldwide network of employers and affiliates.

“Today, more companies worldwide are actively looking for tools to improve the mental and physical well-being of their employees, as they better understand its huge impact on employee engagement and performance at work and their ability to compete in a global marketplace,” said ORCAS CEO, Michael Mulvihill. “As with its recent initiative in Turkey, ORCAS is beginning to develop and tailor mobile interventions for businesses and workforces around the world. We are excited to work with IHPM, whose reach and credibility will accelerate the delivery of effective ‘universal’ solutions to a global mobile marketplace.”

About IHPM and its Work Place Wellness Alliance (WPWA)

The Institute for Health and Productivity Management (IHPM) is a global nonprofit enterprise created in 1997 to establish the full value of employee health as an investment in workplace productivity and business performance. The Institute champions the idea of employee health as human capital, the greatest untapped source of competitive advantage in a global marketplace.

Wellness and care delivery models that improve functional health and reduce total labor costs—rather than just healthcare costs—get employers to a new “bottom line” that makes employee health an asset rather than an expense. The Institute is working with all stakeholders – including governments – to help build, manage and measure these models. This work was given greater global presence in 2013 when the World Economic Forum chose IHPM to assume leadership of its Work Place Wellness Alliance (WPWA) – expanding and sustaining its mission to advance health and performance.

IHPM pursues its global mission through conferences, seminar-style academies, as well as print, digital and mobile publication platforms that include a magazine and a peer-reviewed journal, and field demonstration projects with real employers to prove the business case for investing in workplace health by actually measuring its impact on productivity. The Institute now is active in China, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, the Middle East, the UK and Europe, as well as the United States. For more information visit http://www.ihpm.org.

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