ORCAS Announces MindSet: The Good Habit App™, a Scientifically Validated Habit-Formation Mobile App that Promotes Healthy Lifestyle Change

MindSet™ takes users on a self-paced process that enables them to achieve lasting lifestyle behavior change through incremental habit formation.

logoORCAS today announces the release of MindSet: The Good Habit AppTM, a proprietary, scientifically validated mobile app that helps users create new, healthy lifestyle habits that address behaviors that affect all major lifestyle conditions including obesity, hypertension, diabetes, stress and depression. MindSetTM makes it easy for users to choose small, easily managed habits and gradually move toward bigger target behaviors, promoting physical activity, improved sleep, better eating, positive emotion and social support. As the smaller habits become ingrained and automatic, MindSetTM guides users to the next level, getting them closer to the larger target behaviors (for example, exercising 30+ minutes per day on most days of the week) that demonstrably improve chronic conditions.

MindSet™ is based on scientifically proven behavioral theory, blending the latest in habit formation science with Self-Determination Theory (SDT) and Positive Psychology. It works using a practical, easy-to-follow process. Users first choose a habit, attach it to an activity they do every day (their“ trigger”), and track it to observe their behavior patterns and troubleshoot setbacks over time. The app encourages users to note their positive changes, no matter how small, and celebrate incremental improvement.

 “We have advanced mobile self-management not only by recommending healthy behaviors but also by activating new habits using current behavior science,” said Michael Mulvihill, ORCAS CEO. “For the first time, in one mobile app, we address critical behaviors that are associated with major chronic diseases, which are a prime driver of healthcare costs.”

MindSet™ is the latest addition to ORCAS’s portfolio of self-management interventions, which includes MoodHacker™, FitBack™ and Love Every Day™.MindSet will soon be integrated with the ORCAS mobile coaching platform, CoachHub™,which will provide one-click access to personal support.


For more information, please contact:
Bess Day, Senior Account Manager

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