Baby and Family Safety

ORCAS has created a pair of child injury prevention programs based on the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Injury Prevention Program and guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control. Both programs teach parents effective strategies to prevent child injuries (including motor vehicle safety, prevention of falls, poison saftey, etc.), which are the leading cause of death among children.Keeping Baby Safe

      – for parents of newborns and infants through 24 months.

Family Safety 1 2 3

    – for parents of children ages 2 through 11.

• High-definition videos delivered in brief, easy-to-understand segments.
• Demonstrations in real-world settings (homes, vehicles, outdoors).
• Topics addressed include child safety seats, child-proofing the home, prevention of poisoning, burns, firearm accidents, water safety, wheeled sports, motor vehicle safety, childcare and home-alone information, and more.

Evidence Base
In randomized controlled trials, families who used these programs showed significant gains in their ability to identify risky situations, increased their knowledge of how to minimize risks, and increased their intention to use these injury prevention skills. The direct and indirect costs of childhood injury and disability are estimated at $157 billion annually, a large portion of which falls to employers. Programs such as these can go a long way toward reducing employers’ costs and maximizing employee loyalty and satisfaction levels.

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Family Safety 1 2 3

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Bess Day, Senior Account Manager