CONCERN: EAP Adds Two Science-Based Mobile Health Apps from ORCAS to its Resilience Hub"

CONCERN:EAP, a leading provider of services and programs that promote employee resilience and productivity, today announces a partnership with ORCAS, a health technology company, to offer two ORCAS products, Love Every Day"(LED) and MindSet: The Good Habit App". These apps will be made available through the App Garage section of CONCERNs Resilience Hub", an online bank of valuable and practical resources that empower users to enhance positive behaviors and resilience , especially in times of stress and change.
Love Every Day" and MindSet" are self-management interventions that combine intuitive mobile app technology with proven behavioral science to promote actionable lifestyle changes which improve employee health and well-being:

  • Love Every Day" sparks positive couple interactions that lead to better communication and improved relationship resilience. Based on the National Extension Relationship and Marriage Education Model, it activates positive daily interactions that improve or renew a sense of partnership and commitment. Couples work as a team, sharing their answers to earn bonus activities that elicit in-person interactions.
  • MindSet: the Good Habit App" activates new behaviors to improve lifestyle habits that contribute to costly chronic conditions.  MindSet makes it simple for users to choose small, easily managed habits and gradually move toward bigger, target behaviors that promote physical activity, improved sleep, better eating, positive emotion, and social support.

ORCASs self-management evidence-based apps are in-line with our strategy to provide tools to help clients develop positive habits and enhance relationships, which boost resilience, said Humberto Chacon, Account and Program Manager for CONCERN. LED and MindSet are great additions to the rigorously vetted tools and resources available on the Resilience Hub, and are consistent with CONCERNs overarching mission: making positive behavior change and productivity more achievable by providing expert support, and laying out clear, easy-to-follow paths that make changes gradual and a part of ones everyday routine.

ORCASs self-management health apps are among the few in the industry that have been clinically tested.

ORCAS is excited about working with CONCERN because they serve some of the most innovative companies in Silicon Valley. These tech-savvy workforces are generally more apt to embrace and use mobile health technology to monitor and change their behaviors, said Michael Mulvihill, CEO of ORCAS. EAPs need affordable, accessible and effective solutions that create lasting improvements in health and wellness while reducing costs. Adopting these technologies enables EAPs like CONCERN to provide a proactive and scalable solution to support employees physical and emotional well-being.


For over three decades, CONCERN has been committed to enhancing employee well-being, focus and productivity by providing evidence-based employee assistance programs, superior counseling services, innovative solutions and on-demand support technologies that enable employees to become more engaged, resilient and effective.

CONCERN serves over 270 companies in High-Tech, Health Care and Biopharmaceuticals, as well as organizations in Higher Education and the Public Sector. CONCERNs client portfolio includes 25% of Silicon Valley Fortune 500 companies, and provides coverage to more than 350,000 employees.

Regulated by the State of Californias Department of Managed Health Care, CONCERNs Knox-Keene licensure demands rigorous clinical, financial, quality and service audits, with full transparency and accountability, mitigating employer group risk.

Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, CONCERN serves a national population of employers and plan members through its distributed network of licensed clinicians, work/life consultants and professional trainers. For more, visit


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