Helping back pain sufferers make mindfulness and relaxation a habit.

Back pain affects 80% of all adults at some point. It is the leading cause of work-related disability, one of the most frequent reasons patients visit a doctor, and accounts for 100 million lost days of work. If only there was an app to show people whats helping their backand whats hurting itso they could make immediate changes and feel better. Oh wait. There is.

Introducing FitBack

A new way to track, relieve, and prevent back pain from the people at ORCAS. FitBack helps users find relief and gain control of job-specific back pain by presenting in-the-moment options when pain strikes. The pain tracker, action tool, journal, videos, and progress reports guide people towards health and the optimal pace for physical activity. Over time, users see their personal pain patterns and how to improve them.

Tested | Effective | Complementary

FitBacks effectiveness and impact have been thoroughly tested with a randomized control trial. We showed a significant reduction in back pain in the group using FitBack.  And this apps mobile solution will be able to complement all modalities, including health coaching.

Protect productivity by making back healthand FitBacka business priority. Call for a demo today.

Bess Day, Senior Account Manager