Where kids with asthma learn to play.

Asthma affects over 7 million children and accounts for 14.4 million missed school days each year. Its also the third
leading cause of hospitalization under age 15. How do you help kids understand their triggers and medications to prevent attacks and trips to the emergency room? You make a game out of it.
Welcome to Lungtropolis�
A web-based gameused by parents and kidsfor better asthma self-management and improved� health outcomes from the people at ORCAS and the American Lung Association.
Interactive | Innovative | Fun
Using state-of-the-art science, engaging game design, and entertaining content, Lungtropolis� helps children (ages 5 to 10) and parents understand triggers, symptoms, and what to do during asthma episodes.
Tested | Effective | Flexible
Weve put Lungtropolis� through clinical, scientific validation studies, including a randomized controlled trial with proven results. And our technology easily integrates with your marketing initiatives, health plans, disease� management programs, and other asthma solutions.

Lungtropolis� offers a unique branding opportunity to establish your organization as a champion of asthma education and self-management.�Call us to learn more.

Bess Day,�Senior Account Manager