Mobile Health Solutions

ORCAS mobile health solutions can bring new behavioral health interventions to market quickly, positioning your company as a leader in mobile health. Our experience in the industry and innovative research and development lab provides opportunity for a long term partnership. Our products can support your companys goals and provide a viable model for generating revenue. Business [&]

MindSet: The Good Habit App

Change your life for good. MindSet: The Good Habit App" fuses strong science and powerful technology, turning scientifically proven behavioral theory into mobile self-management. MindSet" activates new behaviors to improve lifestyle habits that contribute to costly chronic conditions. Small steps, big results. MindSet" makes it easy for users to choose small, easily managed habits and gradually move [&]


Designed to improve emotional well-being. Meet MoodHacker A mobile, self-management intervention based in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Positive Psychology that helps employees track, understand, and improve their mood, and reduce depression symptoms. More than a tracking tool MoodHacker encourages self-management through a practical, real-life, and holistic intervention approach. Healthy habits that encourage physical activity, sleep, nutrition, and [&]


The Power of the Light Touch Our mobile coaching solution is a low cost, more scalable multi-channel approach compared to traditional telephonic coaching and counseling. The mobile coaching platform integrates with ORCAS self-management interventions as well as other vetted third-party apps, providing users with anywhere, anytime access to varying levels of support via video chat, [&]

Love Every Day

Meet Love Every Day A mobile self-management intervention, based on the National Extension Relationship and Marriage Education Model (NERMEM) and habit-formation research, that activates positive daily interactions within married and cohabitating couples. Unhappy Relationships Affect Emotional and Physical Health Marital discord and unhappy relationships are significant risk factors for a range of emotional, behavioral and [&]


Helping back pain sufferers make mindfulness and relaxation a habit. Back pain affects 80% of all adults at some point. It is the leading cause of work-related disability, one of the most frequent reasons patients visit a doctor, and accounts for 100 million lost days of work. If only there was an app to show [&]

Brain 101: The Concussion Playbook

Managing the effects of concussion both at school and at home. Every year, about twenty million kids register for youth hockey, football, baseball, soccer, and other competitive sports. These young athletes have the highest risk of suffering long term repercussions from concussion. Introducing Brain 101The Concussion Playbook. A school-wide concussion management program designed to minimize [&]