ORCAS business and research partnerships are critical to our mission of creating a culture of health. We are proud to work with many esteemed organizations such as:

  • IHPM
  • WPWA
  • Empathia width=
  • LVM Systems
  • American Lung Association
  • _0004_NIHpartner
  • Cigna
  • Chestnut Global Partners
  • Safe and Civil Schools
  • Pacific Northwest Publishing
  • Oregon Nurses Foundation
  • Just for the Health of It Logo-2014

Business Partnerships

ORCAS seeks partnerships with healthcare organizations to distribute ORCAS products to their employer customers as well as early stage start-ups looking for integrated mobile solutions. ORCAS solutions provide health plans, EAP industry and wellness and disease management companies with entry into the mobile health market and efficient ways to provide more relevant, engaging and scalable services to improve the health of members and contain the cost of healthcare. ORCAS offers several options that can easily integrate into existing networks  solutions can stand alone, can be accessed via a customers platform, and can be custom branded.

ORCAS provides its distribution channels with a timely presence in the mobile health market, evidence-based products, measurable engagement, health, and productivity outcomes, and overall costs savings.

Research Partnerships

ORCAS seeks leading organizations to participate as research partners for product efficacy evaluations. Organizational involvement can range from a letter of support to assist with study participant recruitment to a fully collaborative partnership to evaluate intervention effects and impact within a large study population.

Become a Partner

Lets team up, get creative, and see what we can accomplish together. Email or call to discuss business and research partnership opportunities.

Bess Day, Senior Account Manager,, 541-349-4807