ORCAS is a health technology and innovation company that applies our extensive behavioral research to mobile self management interventions that help people manage their health and change their behavior in meaningful ways.

Our executive management team has extensive experience in the behavioral healthcare industry and ORCAS Ph.D. behavioral scientists have over 20 years of research experience running full clinical trials on our web and mobile behavior change interventions.

With the rise of mobile technology and the Health 2.0 movement, ORCAS is now poised to provide engaging solutions that create lasting improvements in health and wellness while reducing costs to healthcare organizations, employers, and consumers.

Our Roots in Research
In 1989, two research scientists formed a company based on a simple idea: given the right tools, ordinary people could improve their health using the latest scientific advancements. Dennis Ary, PhD and John Noell, PhD began to create these tools, combining the principles of behavioral science with state-of-the-art technologies. Together, they formed the Oregon Center for Applied Science, now ORCAS.

In 2010, Michael Mulvihill was hired as CEO. He facilitated ORCAS transition to a healthcare technology company with a renewed mission of becoming the market leader in health care technology solutions for self-management.